Zelvia's Apothecary

Welcome to Zelvia's Apothecary, adventurer. What brings you in here today?
Hmm? You're after a very specific potion to aid you on your next Adventure? Well, I'm sure we can find something to aid you on your quest. Just be aware that as with all magical remedies and tools, there can often be unexpected consequences...
Oh but I'm sure you'll be fine! You're a brave adventurer after all - what could possibly go wrong?

Here at Zelvia's Apothecary you can find a variety of sparkly and shimmery potions, each with different effects. Some even have dice in them to aid you on your adventures, while others are decorative or for use as props. Have a specific colour combination in mind? Keep an eye out on our Instagram stories (@RollForCreativityGB) for opportunities to submit your suggestions.

Floating Dice Potions

A fun and magical way to roll dice in your TTRPGS.

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Potions without dice inside. Perfect for props or decorations, and great fun to shake up and watch shimmer.