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Nightvision Potion - Floating Dice Potion

Nightvision Potion - Floating Dice Potion

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Oftentimes when adventuring it may be necessary to sneak through dark caverns and corridors. Lighting a torch may bring unwanted attention to your endeavour.

This potion will make it easier for you to see in the dark for a shortwhile. If you struggle to see in the darker places - make sure you have a few of these before you set out on your journey. 

Potion Description

  • A deep blue-indigo coloured liquid that comes to life with shimmering stars when you activate it.
  • Glass bottle size: approx 7cm tall and 3cm wide.
  • Includes a black die inside.
  • The decorative label will also indicate which die is in the potion.

***Please note: Colours may vary from those shown on screen. Each potion is also unique - colours may be lighter or darker than those pictured. ***

How to use

  • Simply invert the bottle a couple of times to activate and get the shimmery appearance.
  • Place upside down on a flat surface and reveal your dice roll.

***Please note: this is not a consumable potion. Bottle should remain sealed and be used as a prop or decoration only.***


  • I aim to use as little plastic-based packaging as possible, so the majority of my packaging materials will be cardboard/paper based. Re-used bubble wrap is used to ensure safety of the bottle in transit. 


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Customer Reviews

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Cassie Peachey

Very good dice, just like the other one I ordered. Very shiny and glittery too. I love it!