Why is [product] not available to be shipped to [Country]?

Some products, such as the mimic chests and the potions, require more delicate and specific packaging and have different postage requirements when posting internationally. The potions in particular are subject to strict rules on liquids, as well as being in glass bottles.

If you contact me on social media, the contact form or by info@rollforcreativity.co.uk and let me know what you're interested in and what country you're from, I can look into the details of sending there. Once calculated I can then add the shipping option to the website for you.

TLDR; working out shipping can be complicated, but let me know where you are and what you're interested in and I can look in to this for you ASAP!

Why are your prices different to your Etsy store?

Etsy charges several fees everytime a product sells, so to account for this I had to adjust my prices. Most of my Etsy listings also include basic shipping in the price to allow me to offer free UK shipping.