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Gelatinous Tube - D20 Floating Dice Potion

Gelatinous Tube - D20 Floating Dice Potion

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Introducing our Gelatinous Tube Dice Potion! Roll your way to epic adventures with a twist of enchantment!

Discover the magic of our sparkling, light green elixir, complete with mesmerizing floating dice, skull, and bones! 💀

Unleash the power of the Gelatinous Tube Dice Potion and enjoy these incredible benefits:

✅ Experience captivating gameplay with an extra element of surprise!
✅ Add a unique touch to your TTRPG sessions with mesmerizing visuals.
✅ Enhance your luck and immerse yourself in the mystical world of dice rolling.
✅ Become the envy of your fellow adventurers with this one-of-a-kind potion.

Floating Dice Potions are the perfect accessory for any TTRPG player looking to add a touch of magic to their gaming experience. Each small glass bottle is filled with a mesmerizing, swirling, and colourful liquid, making for a stunning visual display on any gaming table.

What sets our Floating Dice Potions apart from the others on here is that we have repeatedly delivered high-quality products to our customers (as reflected by our reviews!) We float test all dice before adding them to our potions - ensuring don't get an unbalanced potion giving you the same result each time you roll. We also work hard to reduce or eliminate any air bubbles, to give you a great experience.

Potion Description

  • A lime green-coloured liquid that comes to life with an acidic glimmer when you activate it.
  • Discover the skull and bones in the bottom of the jar, that sink whilst the dice floats.
  • Glass bottle size: approx 7cm tall and 3cm wide.
  • Includes a white D20 dice inside.

How to use

  • Simply invert the bottle a couple of times to activate it and get a shimmery appearance.
  • Place upside down on a flat surface and reveal your dice roll.

***Please note: this is not a consumable potion. The bottle should remain sealed and be used as a prop or decoration only.***


  • Processing time of 3-5 days, as potions are made to order.
  • I aim to use as little plastic-based packaging as possible, so the majority of my packaging materials will be cardboard/paper based. Re-used bubble wrap is used to ensure safety of the bottle in transit.



Please check the product description for processing times.

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I aim to use as little plastic-based packaging as possible, so the majority of my packaging materials will be cardboard/paper-based. Re-used bubble wrap is used to ensure the safety of any fragile items during transit.

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