About Us

During the Covid-19 lockdown I was living in my university flat with my friend and my boyfriend. To help curb the boredom, my boyfriend offered to run a few sessions of D&D for us. We had never played before so were excited to see what it was all about. Nearly 2 years and several campaigns later, Roll For Creativity was born...

Hey look, it's me!

My name is Caroline, and I'm the owner* of Roll For Creativity.

I live in Nottingham with my partner and I'm currently working on finishing my PhD based in Biosciences with a focus on Computer Science.

Although we're currently petless while we sort out our new home, I recently had 4 adorable gerbils called Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin (RIP boys).

*Owner/Photographer/Product Designer/Web Designer/Social Media Manager/Creator etc

The Birth of Roll For Creativity

I've always been an artistic person, and when I was younger I'd pick up a new creative hobby every few months. Because of this, people often suggested I sell my creations online.

It wasn't really until I started playing D&D and being inspired to create products inspired by and to help with TTRPGs (Table-Top Role Playing Games) that I decided to take the leap and start sharing my creations with the world!

In January 2022, I started up my Etsy store and uploaded some cross-stitch patterns, and from there my shop and business expanded and evolved into what it is today!

Roll the dice and let your creativity flow.

I'm Caroline, and I am dedicated to crafting and curating unique tools and gifts that transport you into the realms of fantasy. From handmade dice potions to GM-approved notepads, each item is infused with a touch of enchantment and thoughtfully produced with sustainability in mind.

Our commitment to eco-friendly practices means our packaging is recyclable or reused, ensuring that every adventure you embark on leaves a positive mark on the environment. (Read more about this below.)

Elevate your TTRPG experiences with our range of magical potions, crocheted dragon companions and unique accessories, designed to enhance gameplay and bring wonder to your tabletop adventures. Unleash the power of imagination and make every game session an extraordinary journey with our whimsical, ethically crafted treasures.

Step into a world where magic and creativity thrive and sustainability meets enchantment, only at Roll For Creativity.

Our Enviromental Impact

We're not going to pretend to be perfect and say we're a super "eco-friendly" business, but we like to think we do our part.

All of our packaging is recyclable or reused; our glass bottles arrive packaged in bubble wrap which we clean up and re-use to send potions out to customers. Any cardboard boxes or card/paper packaging materials that come into our home are stored ready to be used to pack your orders.

All of our products are handmade by Caroline, and materials are sourced as sustainably as possible. Materials that are sourced from overseas are ordered in larger quantities to reduce the number of deliveries made to us, therefore reducing packaging and fuel impacts.

As our business grows, we plan to take more active steps with our environmental impact, including schemes which plant trees for each order placed.