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Unlock your Custom Creature!

Welcome, brave adventurer! Are you ready to bring your very own magical companion to life? Whether you seek a fearsome dragon, a majestic unicorn, or a fiery phoenix, your quest begins here. If you have a unique creature in mind, I'm always open to new challenges!

Customisation Options

Every hero's companion should be as unique as their journey. Here's how you can customise your creature:

  • Colours: Choose the colour options that best match your vision. The number of colours are up to you! I will do my best to incorporate your vision.
  • Sizes: There is some flexibility on sizing! Let me know what you'd like, and I'll see what I can do.
  • Poses: Some creatures, like our large dragons, can be posed in various ways. All creatures contain wire to allow for some additional posing as well. Check individual creatures for pose options. 
  • Accessories: Simple accessories like books can be included. For more intricate accessories, additional charges may apply.

Materials and Safety

Our creatures are crafted with various yarns, usually acrylic, but we can accommodate specific material requests. Remember, these soft sculptures contain wire for stability and posing, making them perfect for decoration and display but unsuitable for children.

How to Commission Your Custom Creature

  1. Contact Me: Reach out via the form or email ( with your ideas. Alternatively, order your creature via the "Custom Order" listings here.
  2. Inspiration: Send photos or use our "colouring in" sheets to design your creature.
  3. Design Approval: After some discussion, I will confirm what I can do. Please remember that some artistic license will be taken to translate designs into crochet.
  4. Timeline: A timeline will be confirmed. Check the table below for estimated completion times.
  5. Payment: Work will not begin on your creation until payment has been received.

Pricing and Payment

Pricing is based on size, complexity and materials. Refer to the pricing table for an estimate.

  • Black Yarn Charge: An additional £10 is required on creatures requiring black yarn, due to its difficulty to work with.
  • Deposit: A 50% deposit is required before work begins. The final product will not be shipped until full payment is received.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping costs and times will vary based on your location and the size of your creature. Please refer to the shipping table for estimates. Due to the nature of these creatures, they will be shipped tracked.

Contact and Support

Have questions or need assistance? Contact me at

Gallery and Testimonials

Browse our [gallery] of past commissions and read testimonials from satisfied adventurers. Your magical journey awaits!

 Pricing and Estimated Completion Times:

Creature Type Estimated Time Base Price
Fae Dragon 2-3 weeks £75
Curvy Dragon 2-3 weeks £70
Large Dragon 6-8 weeks £120
Eastern Dragon 6-8 weeks £120
Unicorn 4-6 weeks £80
Phoenix 4-6 weeks £80

Shipping Estimates:

Region Estimated Cost Estimated Time
UK £5-10 3-5 days
Europe £10-20 2-3 weeks
International £20-30 3-4 weeks

 Returns Policy for Custom Crochet Creatures.


Meet the Fae Dragons - Base Price £75

Allow me to introduce you to the enchanting Fae Dragons, the delicate and whimsical scaled friends.

With their long and slender bodies, Fae Dragons are the epitome of grace and charm. Each dragon has two arms, two legs, and a pair of beautiful wings - each featuring three feathered layers. Their adorable ears, as well as their spikes running from forehead to tail base, give them a unique and captivating look. The cute belly scales add to their charm, and their tails end in two elegant fins.

These delightful creatures, always curious and playful, love to fly around and observe your daily adventures. 


  • Length: Approximately X cm from head to tail.
  • Wingspan: Approximately X cm.

Meet the Large Dragons - Base Price £120

Behold the regal and magnificent Large Dragons.

These grand and impressive dragons are available in four distinct poses: standing, lying down, sitting (not yet pictured), and begging (not yet pictured). With their majestic appearance, they are sure to capture the imagination and awe of all who behold them. Each Large Dragon has four legs, and two large membrane-style wings, perfect for soaring through the skies.

These dragons boast a variety of customisable features, including horns, ears, tail fins, belly scales and back spikes. Their customisability ensures that your dragon is a unique and personal addition to your collection.


  • Height (standing): X cm
  • Height (sitting/begging): X cm
  • Height (laying down): X cm
  • Wing Span: X cm
  • Length (nose to tail): X cm

Eastern Dragons

Meet the Curvy Dragons - Base Price £70

Meet the captivating Curvy Dragons, the charming and inquisitive dragons.

The curvy dragons are characterised by their distinctive pear-shaped bodies and round bellies, giving them an endearing and unique appearance. With an inquisitive look on their faces, these dragons sport two horns, two ear fins, two legs and two arms. Their small, feathered wings feature two detailed feather layers, adding to their charm. The tails of these delightful creatures end in two small, elegant fins.

These dragons are always curious and ready to explore, making them perfect companions for your magical adventures.


  • Height: Approximately X cm.
  • Depth: Approximately X cm.
  • Width: Aproximately X cm.