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UFO Cow Suncatcher Sticker - Easy to use window rainbow maker

UFO Cow Suncatcher Sticker - Easy to use window rainbow maker

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These easy-to-apply suncatchers provide an easy way to decorate a window, and will create rainbows in your room when sunlight hits them!

Adhesive free application means that these can easily be used to add some personalisation to rental properties or student accomodation without risk of damaging windows or having sticky patches to clean up! The suncatchers are also easy to remove and reposition if you want to move them around or change your suncatchers with the seasons.

This UFO Cow Suncatcher Sticker measures approximately 19cm tall x 15cm wide.

To apply:

- Clean window with window cleaner and allow to dry

- Remove backing sheet from suncatcher and apply to window

It's as easy as that!

Because it uses static to stick to the window there is no sticky adhesive or difficult application process. These even look great and decorative from the outside .


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