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Health Tracker Notepads BUNDLE

Health Tracker Notepads BUNDLE

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If you've ever run combat in TTRPGs such as Dungeon and Dragons, you know how complicated it can be. These notepads have been designed with a Dungeon Master to help run smoother combat.

This listing is for the Enemy notepad (Red with two swords) and the Character notepad (Blue with a shield).


  • High quality 120gsm paper, so the ink won't bleed through! You can also use pencils and erase and rewrite several times if you wanted to reuse sheets.
  • 50 sheets in a pad, so they will last you for many sessions!
  • Speed up combat by quickly seeing if player attacks hit an enemy, and easily track damage and/or healing.
  • DMs will often flavour combat and attacks so players can gauge how damaged an enemy is. Using the character health tracker, DMs can now assess player damage to make enemy decisions. Is the enemy intelligent enough to realise that one of the player characters seems extra tanky, and so should adapt their strategy? Or maybe the sigh of a player character down to their last few hit points will send some enemies into a frenzy to get a killing blow.

After using these notepads for a few virtual sessions as well as some in-person sessions at the table, our DM has found these to be a great help and give him one less thing to have to think about!

These notepads also work great alongside our FREE turn trackers you can get by signing up to our mailing list!


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