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Curvy Dragon - CUSTOM ORDER

Curvy Dragon - CUSTOM ORDER

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Please note that this is a CUSTOM ORDER with an estimated completion time of 2-3 weeks. Please disregard any arrival times the website estimates.

Meet the captivating Curvy Dragons, the charming and inquisitive dragons.

The curvy dragons are characterised by their distinctive pear-shaped bodies and round bellies, giving them an endearing and unique appearance. With an inquisitive look on their faces, these dragons sport two horns, two ear fins, two legs and two arms. Their small, feathered wings feature two detailed feather layers, adding to their charm. The tails of these delightful creatures end in two small, elegant fins.

These dragons are always curious and ready to explore, making them perfect companions for your magical adventures.


  • Height: Approximately X cm.
  • Depth: Approximately X cm.
  • Width: Aproximately X cm.

Please note that this crocheted dragon is a decorative soft sculpture and not intended as a toy for young children. These dragons contain wire to allow for stability and the ability to pose them.

Customisation Options

Every hero's companion should be as unique as their journey. Here's how you can customise your creature:

  • Colours: Choose the colour options that best match your vision. The number of colours is up to you! I will do my best to incorporate your vision.
  • Sizes: There is some flexibility on sizing! Let me know what you'd like, and I'll see what I can do.
  • Poses: There is a small amount of flexibility in the posing of the hands of this dragon. Let me know what you're thinking and I'll see what I can do!
  • Accessories: Simple accessories like books can be included. For more intricate accessories, additional charges may apply.

How to Commission Your Custom Creature

  1. Contact Me: Reach out via the [form] or [email] with your ideas.
  2. Inspiration: Send photos or use our "colouring in" sheets to design your creature.
  3. Design Approval: After some discussion, I will confirm what I can do. Please remember that some artistic license will be taken to translate designs into crochet.
  4. Timeline: A timeline will be confirmed. Check the table on the commission page for estimated completion times.
  5. Payment: Work will not begin on your creation until payment has been recieved.

[This item is handmade by Caroline @ Roll for Creativity from a pattern by Megan Lapp @ Crafty Intentions.]


Please check product description for processing times.
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