What are Suncatchers?

Suncatchers are non-adhesive stickers that attach to your window via static, so they won't leave any residue or damage your windows. When the sun shines on and through them, they refract the light and cause rainbows to appear in your house or office. I love seeing the rainbows they create in our house!

They are great for rented or student accommodation due to how easy they are to apply and remove, and the fact they leave no residue behind!

They come in a range of different designs, so there's sure to be something for everyone. You can browse my range of suncatchers here.

My suncatcher just arrived! How do I use it?

Firstly, think about where you want to put your suncatcher. A sunny window is best, and we've found the early afternoon sun makes the best rainbows for us - but really it depends on your building and your window position! Even if you don't have a sunny window, these still make fun stickers to easily decorate your window.

Next, clean your window with your choice of window cleaner. This is to make sure the area is clear of grease and dust which may impact the application of your suncatcher.

Once you know where you want your suncatcher and you've prepared your window, remove the backing paper from your suncatcher, and apply it to the window! If you're struggling to get it to stay on the window, you can try misting the window lightly with some water and then applying the suncatcher. This small layer of moisture can help more fiddly suncatchers stay on the glass.

Finally, enjoy! If you're anything like me you'll keep checking the room with the suncatcher as soon as the sun appears.

Removing and reapplying suncatchers

Perhaps you want to change the position of your suncatcher slightly, or maybe you're moving house? No worries - your suncatchers are easy to remove and reapply! The main thing to think about is stopping the "back" of them (the part that sticks to the window) from getting too dusty.

If you're simply moving the suncatcher from one window straight onto another, use your fingernail or a bank card to carefully lift one edge of the suncatcher from the glass. Then remove the suncatcher, and reapply to a clean window as before.

If your suncatcher is going to be in transit or won't be immediately put back on a window, you'll need to help prevent it from getting too dusty. My preferred method is to remove it from the window as above, and then place it onto a sheet of baking paper/parchment or normal paper. You could stack a few suncatchers on top of each other. Then I like to put another sheet of paper on top, just to help protect both sides. Then place it in an envelope or book, something to help keep the pile flat while it moves around.

When you're ready to reapply the suncatcher in the new location, follow the previous application method. Remember that you can apply a light mist of water if needed to help the suncatcher stick to the window.

I love them! Where do I get some?

I sell a range of suncatchers available to browse here.
If you have any suggestions or requests for designs, please let me know and I'll see what I can do!