You never forget your first

You never forget your first

It's true what they say about never forgetting your first.

Zelvia was my first character I made for Dungeons and Dragons. She is a red tiefling wizard who ran out of books to read in the Nine Hells, so fought her way out of hell in search of more knowledge. I played her in the Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign alongside my University flatmates during Covid-19 lockdown. 

In typical starting style, I used Google to find an image I liked and used that, but I'm hoping to draw my own Zelvia art very soon to introduce you to her properly!

In order to fight her way out of hell, Zelvia learnt War Magic to help out. During her adventures, she picked up an Amber Focus to aid her spell casting. 

Zelvia also managed to befriend a Pseudo-dragon named Bimz, who became her animal companion. Alongside Zelvia's ability to summon familiars, my turns became a bit of a bane to our Dungeon Master! 

Sadly as lockdown ended and people graduated and moved away, this campaign fizzled out and was not completed. While I'm glad Zelvia never died during the campaign, I'm sad I didn't get to see her story play out further.

In order to "immortalise" Zelvia, she has become the face behind my potions range. I look forward to making plenty of art and social media content with her in the future - maybe I'll even dress up as her for a bit!


Do you remember your first D&D character? Tell me about them!

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