How to make floating dice potions - A recipe for dice roller potions!

How to make floating dice potions - A recipe for dice roller potions!

You may have seen the floating dice potions all over TikTok, Instagram and Etsy, wondering "how do they work" or "how do I make those". Maybe you can't find any that ship to your country, or they're simply too expensive. Keep reading to find out how to make your own!

As a quick disclaimer; yes I do make and sell dice potions, so why would I be telling you how to make your own? The answer is that I know how it can be to see something super cool online but not be able to afford it, or not be able to get it in your country. I also believe that Table Top Games such as Dungeons and Dragons thrive on players being creative, and adding extra flair to their characters and gameplay.

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Materials needed:

  • A jar or vial that can fit a D20 (or whatever die you want). I prefer those with an aluminium lid over the corks. I find the corks go a bit gross over time.
  • A D20 (or whatever die you want). I use acrylic dice as they can withstand being in liquid for a prolonged period.
  • Water.
  • Salt (I use table salt).
  • Food colouring or ink.
  • Mica Powder (fine glitter may also work).
  • Optional extras:
    • String (I like jute).
    • Hot Glue Gun and glue.
    • Wax seal and wax seal melts.
    • Kraft sticker labels.

How to make your floating dice potion:

  1. I find it helps to have an idea of what colours you want before you start, although some of the best inventions come through experimenting! 
  2. Get a jug or glass and fill it with enough water to fill your jar or vial.
  3. Put your die in the water and add salt in, stirring between additions, until your die floats in the water. This can take a lot more salt than you think!
  4. Once your die is floating nicely, get your jar or vial. Fish the die out of the water and put it in your jar or vial.
  5. Sprinkle some of your mica powder or glitter into the jar or vial. Finding the right amount for your volume of liquid may take some practice. Start with less as you can always add more!
  6. Going back to your jug of salt water, add in food colouring a few drops at a time (and stir in) until you get your desired potion colour. Once you're happy, pour this into your jar or vial so it's nearly full.
  7. At this point, I like to put the lid securely on the jar or vial, and shake and invert to check you've achieved the desired result. If not, you can add more mica powder, salt or food colouring.
  8. When you're happy with the result, I like to open the jar or vial back up and pour in a little more water so the jar or vial is completely full. Then I carefully put the lid back on and try to ensure there's as little air inside the jar or vial as possible. 

To be a little extra with your dice potion:

If you want to go the extra step with your dice potion, adding jute string or a piece of cloth over the top and sealing with wax can help complete the fantasy aesthetic you may be going for. I also make potion labels on Kraft sticker paper to finish the look.

I use my glue gun to wrap the string around the lid and a little bit of the bottle and then finish with some melted wax and my logo wax seal.

And you're done! Enjoy your handmade floating dice potion!

Making your own potions can be fun, and I hope you've enjoyed this guide! If you have, please give me a comment down below or tag me on social media to show your creations!

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Hi Paladin!

Air bubbles can be due to the bottle shape, so it may be unavoidable in some bottles. But as a general tip I fill the bottle as much as I can, then put the lid on as swiftly as possible in one movement. It can sometimes take a few tries on each bottle to do it well enough.

Hope this helps!


Been making these but I alwaysbget one big bubble at the top! Any ideas


Hi Mary.
Sadly not all dice will be able to float in salt water. It comes down to the density of the dice compared to the density of the salt water.



Hi Soda. Not all dice will float sadly. It comes down to the density of the dice compared to the density of salt water.



Hi Jessica. Salt is a preservative and due to the high concentration of salt, it’s extremely unlikely that mold will occur. I’ve had potions for nearly a year now and they still look just like the day I made them :)



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