Have you seen Floating Dice Potions?

Have you seen Floating Dice Potions?

If you've found your way to this blog, I'm assuming you've come across floating dice potions in some way shape or form. Maybe you've seen the fun, shimmery and magical videos when scrolling through Instagram or TikTok. Perhaps they've started popping up on your Etsy suggestions or Pinterest when you've been looking for Nerdy Gift Ideas. Whatever the reason and however you've got here, I'm here to give you an introduction to floating dice potions, and why they're so cool!

First of all; What are floating dice potions?

Floating dice potions are usually sealed glass bottles with liquid inside. Many of them contain mica powder to create a colour changing, swirling, shimmering effect to replicate how a magic potion might look. There's also a dice, usually a D20, floating in this solution. After shaking the bottle to "activate" the potion, aka get all the colours going), you then place the bottle upside down on the table so the dice floats to the surface and reveals the number you have rolled.

These dice potions were brought to fame by Moon and Bean studios, who sell them as Crescent Moon Alchemy Co. Instagram @moonandbeanstudios, website https://crescentmoonalchemyco.com/.

Now we know what they are, we can get into what is the point of floating dice potions?

Of course, it's a popular trope among TTRPG players and D&D players in particular that one can never have enough dice. So do these potions take away from the joy of owning many sets of colourful dice (everyone knows you need a set of dice for each character you make) and rolling said dice?

I'd say no. While rolling dice is a major component of TTRPGs, as it determines character actions and success rates, these potions don't take away the feeling of rolling for that all important DC18+ skill check. Shaking up the dice potion is similar to shaking the dice in your hand before rolling (shake more for more luck!), and the moment of suspense as your number reveals itself is much the same as when you roll.

My final point is why you need a floating dice potion!

The magical potion aspect adds another fantasy element to your game, and is just a fun little extra accessory meant to add to your playing experience. Potions can be an integral part of many campaigns for the benefits they may give the player characters, such as healing or bonus stats. They can also be used to negatively impact NPCs or creatures, for either role playing aspects or combat. 

If you're prone to rolling dice off the table or causing chaos by rolling your D20 into minifigures and board pieces on the table, these may be a great solution for you. Simply shake the potion, then place on the table to reveal your number.

They are also great gifts for nerdy friends, boyfriends, girlfriends or even your Dungeon Master if you want to thank them for a great campaign (or try and get in their good books!). They're a fun, novel and magical tool to add to your next Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

See my range of Floating Dice Potions here.

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