10 Small Businesses for you to do your D&D Christmas Shopping!

10 Small Businesses for you to do your D&D Christmas Shopping!

With the festive season coming up, I've collated a list of nerdy small businesses and gift ideas from their stores for people who pay TTRPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons. These ideas range from more obvious (e.g. Dice) to some more creative and unique ideas. Whether you're a Dungeons and Dragons player yourself or just have a nerdy someone you want to buy for, hopefully, this post will give you some inspiration and ideas.

These are mostly UK-based as they are shops I've either bought from in the past or I have met the owners of through social media. That means any shop I'm recommending comes with my seal of approval!

Disclaimer: There are no affiliate links in this article, and I gain nothing from you using these links to visit other stores. I just like to share the great small businesses I've found and help people find their ideal Christmas gifts!

1.  Dakota Irish

DakotaIrish - A family-run business based in Ireland, they have an extensive range of polymer, metal, wood and gemstone dice. They also have 3-D printed and handmade wooden accessories such as dice trays, dice towers and jails. Plus, they have two very cute mascot dogs!

2. JodiesDiceFarm - Eco-friendly dice

Acrylic and resin dice are plastic-based, and I know a lot of people are trying to be more eco-conscious with their shopping habits. Jodie aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible with all her products and her business practices!

JodiesDiceFarm - Based on the South Coast of England, Jodie handcrafts her eco-friendly dice. Until I found Jodie's store I had no idea about environmentally friendly dice. Jesmonite dice are a great plastic alternative, and alongside her using planet-friendly packaging as well as re-using packaging where possible, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more eco-friendly dice store!

Jodie also has some mystery D6 Christmas baubles as well as homeware and nerdy prints available.

Black sharp-edged dice with purple tendrils throughout. The numbers are golden and stand out from the dark dice.

3. Conjuration Crafts

ConjurationCrafts has some adorable cat dice trays with cat puns, as well as D&D-themed stockings. The stockings are available on their own, or with pre=wrapped gifts inside!

Dnd gift stuffed Christmas stocking I Mystery gifts inside image 1

4. Roll For Creativity

Obviously, I'm going to include myself in this list - because I genuinely love my products! I have dice potions, mimics, suncatchers and crocheted dragon egg dice bags - you're sure to find a great gift!

Dice roller potions are a great gift for newbies and seasoned TTRPG players alike. They're super fun to roll with, watching the shimmering potion adds a magical element to games such as D&D and they're a pretty cool nerdy prop for your bookshelf too!

I have a range of potions available, including two limited edition Christmas editions! Check them out in my store!

5. Tabletop Crafter

Tabletop Crafter sells everything from dice (including dice advent calendars if you're reading this before December!), Christmas decorations, a Christmas dragon t-shirt, candles and hair accessories. Her scrunchies and headbands are a must-have for me to keep my hair out of the way when in the middle of crafting or sometimes during an intense combat session when I need to focus!

Dark Blue Dragon DnD scrunchies for a retro style tying hair image 1

6. FantasticKnickknackery (USA)

Ready-to-gift-bundles - perfect for if you're not quite sure what to get someone.

Looking for a gift for a nerd in your life? Is that nerd you? Either way, these gift bundles are the perfect gift! With three size options, you can pick the one that fits your budget, from silver to gold to platinum. Pick either theme -- dice flowers or dungeon -- or let the fates decide!

Ready-to-Gift Bundles

7. GeekyTendancies (Canada)

If you're a DIY lover, you'll love these DIY paper dice ornaments from GeekyTendancies (comes as a digital download file so you can buy worldwide)! They also have a large range of products miniatures, dioramas and homeware.

8. Works of Whimsy Studios (USA)

If I lived in USA, I'd be highly likely to have bought most of WoWS' products. They have giant D20 lamps, book nooks and some absolutely gorgeous Christmas ornaments! Go check them out - you won't regret it!

Holiday Ornaments

9. Unartick (Germany)

Unartick has a huge range of handmade adventuring gear including dice, dice bags, foldable dice trays and bottled dice sets. I particularly love these reusable advent calendar sacks that you can fill with your own advent treats. 

Advent calendar Polyhedral Dice to fill yourself image 1

10. RachMakes

Rachel's store has such a range of products in it! From small resin acorns (with very cute little butts) to strange forest creatures, her shop is definitely work checking out.

My particular favourite is her "Dice Goblin" and "Craft Goblin" beanies, to which you can add little goblin ears!!!

Goblinify Your Hats! - Goblin Ear Patches Krampus Art Doll


11. Bonus suggestion - GinnyDi's D&D-inspired Calendar

I had to include this on here - I missed out on her 2021 calendar but made sure her 2022 was at the top of my Christmas list last year! From following her on Instagram, I can see just how much work has gone into 2023's calendar...

Her previous calendars have been great, but the photos of this one look truly incredible. This will be a great feature for any game room or office over 2023.




There are many, many more shops I'd love to recommend, but I've tried to keep this as quite a readable blog that didn't go on forever! If you want more recommendations, let me know in the comments or send me a message.

Hopefully, this has helped you find some cool nerdy gift ideas for D&D and TTRPG players, or maybe just a special treat for yourself.


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